Poor girl humiliated by policeman

When this girl got in trouble and realized that those guys were going to rape her, she called to the local police department and they send a policeman. Girl was hoping he will help her and get her out of trouble, but that guy in police uniform did not want to save her definitely. Instead, he joined the molesters. The strange fact was that they did not care about her pussy and asshole, all they needed was her mouth and they did not want her to suck their cocks. All they wanted was to load her sweet lips and mouth with their shit deep down to her throat. Poor girl retched and tried to resist – but she could not do anything to save her from molesters. So she just did what they wanted, eating their crap and smearing it all over her sexy body and face. Maybe guys just wanted to make her a real scat lover?

Title: Poor girl humiliated by policeman

Duration: 2:01

Submited by: Caca King

Category: asshole

Added on: July 5th, 2011

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