Blonde shit eater

This hot blonde is ready to have crap all over her sexy face and eat it all the time. At the end he makes her smear poop all over her pretty face to make it look sexier. But she was ready for it since the very beginning! Wondering how much crap she can eat? Well, her hungry mouth can be eating it over and over again, and keep having more and more of shit just like that – every time he bends down to give her nasty mouth a new dose of poo, she is absolutely ready for it, completely! It seems like her appetite is endless and she can eat excrements instead of normal food. Well, this kind of dessert is definitely much tastier for her than any kind of chocolate. Oh yes. She will love it really and she will enjoy it every single moment. Hoping no one will take this pleasure away from her.

Title: Blonde shit eater

Duration: 2:01

Submited by: Caca King

Category: crap

Added on: July 3rd, 2011

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