Slave teen gets poop humiliation

This cute teenager had absolutely no idea what is going to happen. After her new friends asked her to join them in the house of one, she was ready to have some fun, but absolutely not this kind of fun! So, this time young and sexy teen got trapped into the huge house with four horny lesbians who wanted more than just sex – they wanted humiliation, they wanted to molest her and make her beg not to do what they are going to. They wanted to shit her all over, and make her eat their poop, lick their feet and beg for more. And their dreams came true – poor girl, absolutely helpless, had no idea how to save herself from such a humiliation, so all she can do is just  be submissive and act good, hoping they will get enough and let her go. You have to see it all right now and you will never forget it.

Title: Slave teen gets poop humiliation

Duration: 2:01

Submited by: Caca King

Category: slave

Added on: June 18th, 2011

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